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Sunday, 29 August 2010

My 1st award yay

I have got my 1st blog award from Wendy at crafting purple crazy 

So as part of this award I must tell you why I started my blog and why I keep it going.

Ok I started this blog as I had friends who have raved about them so thought I would give it a go as like to try different sketches and colour themes , also love to see what other ppl come up with. Plus when mojo is a bit slow I find it helps get it going again.

And now why I keep it well I guess it because I am hooked on them cant seem to leave blog landalone for very long plus I like seeing what my friends come up with as well as making new friends and new craft goodies to try out.

Now its time to give this award to 10 of my fave blogs which is not a easy task

Linda -
Fiona -
Karen -
Von -
Bev -
Nicki -
Anne -

Sorry could only get 7 as my silly net wont play any more with the links

1 comment:

Linda said...

Nicky thanks for giving me the award as one of your top blogs. If you look over to my blog you might find a little something there for you too!! SNAP!!!!