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Monday, 6 April 2015

Lots of crochet

Hi everyone
What a lovely sunny day it is in Dorset , have managed to get a load of washing and other house work jobs done , so can after some lunch carry on making my crochet bag . I got the pattern from Attic24 if you love crochet then go Google Lucy's blog as she makes wonderful item and is very kind in sharing her patterns .

So the kind of colours in my bag remind of the smarties I was eating last night as some of my bag will have these bright colours in them

Ok maybe I 'am a bit old for smarties but as I don't plan to ever grow up I can cope with the fact my mum gave them to me to eat hard life lol

The reason I have managed to get so much crochet done was the fact that I had a nasty fall on the 5th march smashing my knee cap open so as had to rest it while it healed thought would get some crochet makes done for my Etsy shop as hope to make a little pocket money and some money for charity. So following on from the bright theme finished off these little bright pink flower brooches

sorry the picture dose not really show just how bright the pink and yellow is .

I also found a lovely new crochet book called hooked on crochet , I got it in WHsmiths and it's great for people starting out in crochet and then goes on to more experienced items.

So of course I just had to play with one of the patterns and came up with these cute mobile/cell phone case/purse as you can also fit a small packet of tissues in one.

Ok promise to leave you all alone now so if you have sunshine can enjoy it , plus my tummy is rumbling so best got fill it .
Nicky x