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Friday, 19 March 2010

art and crat club cards

These are 2 cards I did last night at my arts and craft club , we had a kit given to us with a butterfly stamp , ink and the card stock.

The 1st one is using part of the butterfly to make the flowers but I made a bit of mistake as should of put a blob of glue and added the peatls into it but me been me glued each peatl separte and made a big mess lmao

The 2nd one is using the stamp as a whole to do a back ground and then topper as well as a tag to match


Yvonne said...

How pretty, love the stamp you have used. Lovely Nicky, well done on your blog, about time you joined us here too.

nicky said...

Thanks Von
Slowly getting the hang of it

Tina said...

love the cards Nickey, congratulations on the blog. xx

Wendy said...

lovely card nicky, well done on starting your bolg, you will soon become an addict like the rest of us